Most important product we have is the trolleynotes which can be used for trolleys/baskets as people experience paper cleaner that touching the surface of a trolley. We have the big one as enclosed but also the smaller one as we experienced (like in the movie) we have 2 kind of trolleys. Enclosed some pictures, movie and the details

Besides we have the warningnotes, see pictures where following arguments are valid:

1) sticking to almost all kind of surfaces;

2) easy to change/add locations where you want to focus on warnings or spread a message;

3) remove without leaving any tracks/glue/residue;

4) no plastic involved;

5) easy & quick to personalize;

6) FSC-paper, 100% recyclable as standard and 100% recycled as option;

7) also available in different pastel and neon colors for even higher attention.